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So, what happens when your assets start to work against you? They become liabilities. The greatest asset in your business could also become your greatest liability unless you manage it probably. The more data you have the greater likelihood that there will be a data breach. Particularly all that legacy data that has been moved on to legacy hardware and may not be patched correctly.

How you actually go about achieving the above will depend on the size of your organisation and how much data you hold.

Chapter 11. Risk Management and Legal Liability

There are various tools on the market that will help you with data mapping and categorisation, but a simple method using a large sheet of paper or spreadsheet may be just as effective for small businesses. What is more important is that you have the right tools for ongoing management of your data and the risks associated with it. I can also recommend tools for assessing GDPR risks and their ongoing management.

Whatever size your organisation is do make sure you treat the data you hold about your business and customers as your most valuable asset. For more information please contact me using this form or email.

Your Greatest Asset over 97% of Men

You can also book a free consultation, either face to face if located in the Channel Islands or by phone. Use my booking form and select the free Initial discussion option. Whether you are based in the EU or not, the GDPR and its equivalent legislation is going to massively impact your business and the way you work. You can read more about it here. Your email address will not be published.

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If a home loan is a liability for you, it is an asset for your bank.

People, Risk, and Security

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10 Ways That Your Employees Keep You at Risk and How to Prevent It

Love Quotes This can lead to security issues like man-in-the-middle attacks, distributed malware, and rogue hotspots. Many public networks also leave your data un-encrypted, making it easier to retrieve. If you need to connect to public wifi, disable file sharing, and avoid accessing personally identifiable information PII. The best option for protecting your data is to connect to a virtual private network VPN. Phishing attacks are growing in volume and sophistication, and email phishing is one of the most common types. Criminals can use email phishing to obtain data and sensitive information, or to trick employees into downloading malware. Some even try to impersonate management or another employee.

Phishers are also getting better at crafting emails that look legitimate, leaving untrained employees vulnerable to an attack. Regularly train employees on how to detect email phishing. We offer this to our clients as an education so that employees are truly assets and not liabilities. If you suspect a phishing email, call the sender directly. Even if the email looks legitimate, be cautious about clicking links or giving out personal information.


Many products and managed service providers offer the ability to test your employees with a staged phishing campaign that shows you which employees have clicked on emails designed to phish you. We have offered this to many of our clients and many have accepted, learning quickly how vulnerable their employees made them to attacks. With that knowledge we were able to go in and educate staff and employees on best practices for email behavior. Some companies even allow the sharing of credentials, instead of creating a unique user login and password for each person. Such practices leave companies vulnerable to theft or loss of data and lack of accountability.

The first step to improving data security is establishing policies that reflect security best practices. Train employees on how to share information securely, and establish regular communication to develop appropriate information-sharing relationships. While we are on the subject of sharing information inappropriately, I thought it would be good to mention that passwords are also in the category of being shared wrongfully.

It can be easy for employees to become complacent, often placing productivity and convenience above security. Likewise, in almost every Star Wars film, the empire or first order is constantly attacked by the rebels via their infrastructure vulnerabilities. Have concise, formal policies regarding security and the sharing of information, and provide staff with regular cyber security training. Focus on security awareness from the beginning, especially throughout the recruitment, hiring, and on-boarding process. When you prioritize security, you will be more likely to hire employees who also value security.

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Require employees to use different passwords for each account. By choosing to not to cut corners, you make your network more secure for everyone in the workplace. In an effort to make data transfer easier, some employees will store sensitive data on a personal hard drive or upload company files to personal storage. While this might be more convenient for the employee, these personal storage options generally lack the security features of a company network.

To make it easier for employees working remotely, we have provided services and products offering external access to company files by installing a private cloud. Utilizing the cloud will give you the flexibility you need, without compromising security. Allowing your employees to work remotely offers more convenience, but it also comes with a number of security risks.

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Remote work can lead to employee complacency and poor security measures.