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While this behavior has been around far longer than toy guns and superhero movies — boys appear to be hard-wired for more active and aggressive pursuits than girls — many adults see this aggressive play being fueled by the violence portrayed or reported in the media.

Michael Thompson, a psychologist who co-wrote "Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys" Ballantine Books, , rejects even this characterization of boys' play.

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Play is not intended to hurt somebody. Play, rougher in its themes and rougher physically, is a feature of boyhood in every society on Earth. Four-year-old boys play superhero or enact mock fights much more frequently than girls, who seem to favor house or family themes for playtime, according to a survey of 98 female teachers who worked with these kids.

Meanwhile, games involving chasing, protecting and rescuing are played about as frequently by girls as by boys, according to the teachers. There is, however, a marked difference in how the teachers respond to these games.

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Almost half the surveyed teachers reported stopping or redirecting boys' play several times a week or every day. Meanwhile, only 29 percent of teachers reported interfering with girls' more sedate play on a weekly basis, according to the research conducted by Mary Ellin Logue, of the University of Maine, and Hattie Harvey, of the University of Denver, published in the education journal The Constructivist.

Logue cited multiple reasons for female teachers' resistance to boys' aggressive play. When Logue and other teachers decided to allow play involving the imaginary "bad guys," the adversaries in boys' aggressive narratives, into their preschool program in Maine, one family left, some were anxious, but others were relieved, she said. According to Thompson, this reaction often arises from mothers and female teachers who did not grow up playing the way boys play.

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But it is a misunderstanding of what makes adults violent," Thompson said. For example, he said, how often are a convicted murderer's actions explained by too many games of "cops and robbers" on the playground? There's no link between the two, according to Thompson.

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Male teachers might be better attuned to boys' needs, but they are rare entrants into the worlds of preschools and kindergartens. In , just 2. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Since that is not likely to change soon, women in those positions need to cultivate an understanding of little boys' play, she said. It also contends that, when kids play, they learn new ways to solve problems and learn skills — competencies they need to become healthy adults.

Different play helps develop different skills. For example, to enhance hand-eye coordination, try playing catch with your kids, wrestling or having wheelbarrow and crab walk races in the yard. Surprisingly, building core strength and stability is key to developing fine motor skills — those needed to learn handwriting in school, color, string beads and complete daily tasks such as brushing teeth.

Next, children need to gain strength in their shoulders, elbows and hands. It's also about letting them fall out of a tree every once in a while, as hard as that is. How else, as she says, will they use to learn the the right and wrong ways? Equally important, however, is getting over the fear of the digital world that our kids also need to learn to navigate for the same reason. Pamela Rutledge, Ph. Anxieties over social media use are fodder for the campaign trail. Positive use of location-tracking demands respect, trust, and ground rules. Some 92 percent of U. Back Psychology Today.


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