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What matters is that "America's Pastime" was a perfect fit for this country's recreational needs from the Civil War to present day. You may have heard that there's a little team nearby called the Boston Red Sox. The word is that they're doing rather well.

Early Sport Specialization: Effectiveness and Risk of Injury in Professional Baseball Players

Baseball was absolutely the ideal summer recreational sport for Hampton, and the timing for the advent of the game couldn't have been better. Southern New Englanders had set their sights on coastal New Hampshire as a vacation destination. The railway took tourists directly to the Casino, the best location for a ballpark. Keep in mind, Fenway Park was still two years away from completion. The grand old building was much different from what it is today.

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The main building ran along Route 1A, and an adjacent building, facing what is now D Street, formed a right angle to it. The rear of the buildings faced Ashworth Street. Both buildings had two-story balconies, which were easily transformed into wonderful grandstand seating for the great new sport.

There were no left-field stands or center-field bleacher sections. Pitchers mounds didn't exist in those early days, but the pitcher's area behind the Casino faced the northeast corner of the building.

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Records of what teams and which players participated in those early Casino games may be forgotten, but both the town of Hampton and Hampton Beach had their own teams. Bullis, first base and captain; A.

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Jenness, second base; Thomas Chase, shortstop, and William Joplin, third base. The adoption of these rules by the Knickerbockers and other amateur club teams in the New York City area led to an increased popularity of the game.

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The old game with the soft ball continued to be popular in and around Boston; a Philadelphia club that had played the old game since did not adopt the Knickerbocker or New York version of the game until Until the American Civil War —65 , the two versions of the game were called the Massachusetts game using the soft ball and the New York game using the hard ball.

In a revision of the rules prescribed the weight and size of the ball , along with the dimensions of the infield, specifications that have not been significantly altered since that time. In Washington, D. Baseball was on its way to becoming the national pastime. It was widely played outside the cities, but the big-city clubs were the dominant force. In a convention was called to confirm the rules and the amateur status of baseball and brought together 91 amateur teams from such cities as St.


Connie Mack and the Early Years of Baseball

Two important developments in the history of baseball occurred in the post-Civil War period: the spread of the sport to Latin America and Asia discussed later and the professionalization of the sport in the United States. The early baseball clubs such as the New York Knickerbockers were clubs in the true sense of the word: members paid dues, the emphasis was on fraternity and socializing, and baseball games were played largely among members.

In William Cammeyer of Brooklyn constructed an enclosed baseball field with stands and charged admission to games.

Following the Civil War, this practice quickly spread, and clubs soon learned that games with rival clubs and tournaments drew larger crowds and brought prestige to the winners. The interclub games attracted the interest and influence of gamblers. With a new emphasis on external competition, clubs felt pressure to field quality teams. Professionalism began to appear about —66 as some teams hired skilled players on a per game basis.

Players either were paid for playing or were compensated with jobs that required little or no actual work. Amateurs resented these practices and the gambling and bribery that often accompanied them, but the larger public was enthralled by the intense competition and the rivalries that developed. The first publicly announced all-professional team, the Cincinnati Ohio Red Stockings , was organized in ; it toured that year, playing from New York City to San Francisco and winning some 56 games and tying 1.

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The desire of many other cities and teams to win such acclaim guaranteed the professionalization of the game, though many players remained nominally in the amateur National Association of Base Ball Players until the amateurs withdrew in Thereafter professional teams largely controlled the development of the sport. The league disbanded in with the founding of the rival National League of Professional Baseball Clubs.

Louis, and New York City. When William Hulbert, president of the league —82 , expelled four players for dishonesty, the reputation of baseball as an institution was significantly enhanced.